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May 23, 2024

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Financial reasons key in FUFA’s insistence on completing the league


Fufa revealed this week how it’s engaging the government on granting it permission so that it can organize for the footballing calendar to be completed as scheduled.

It should be noted that a few days ago President Museveni declared a national lockddow that put all activities in the country on a lockdown for 42 days.

Football was equally affected as all other sectors. The body came out with a circular stating how the Uganda cup which was at the semifinal stage, Fufa big league and star times Uganda premier league had all been halted until further notice.

Different people thought that Fufa should apply the 75% to the national league. This stipulates that the title can be awarded to the leading team as long as 75% of the league games have been played.

And with 3-4 games to end the season, Express would be awarded the title at 58 points.

This was the same rule that was used last season when Vipers were awarded with 5 games to end the season.

However this came with a negative effect on the league as UPL lost 10% of the Star times sponsorship money.

This will be a scenario that the Uganda Premier League and FUFA will want to avoid this time round.

Bernard Bainamani the CEO of the UPL said that they wanted to avoid this same scenario as much as possible.

“We had to settle for a 10-percent reduction from the sponsors last season because the league didn’t conclude. This is one of the reasons we want to explore the option of completion to avoid such a loss. But the most important thing is to have champions and teams relegated declared sportingly if we can but if it fails, then we use the 75 percent rule.” Bainamani said.

The rule though seems unfair to the competing teams as Express at the table is just a point and two points ahead of URA and Vipers respectively.

Meanwhile Kyetume, Kitara and Myda would face the sword of relegation.