Fortbet KING OF X ‘SMASHES’ FORTEBET’S 105M FROM 1,000/= - The Anchorman
June 18, 2024

The Anchorman

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A new king of draws was officially crown last weekend after smashing jaw-dropping cash in an astonishing style.

From UGX 1,000, this wonder winner selected 1-10 matches that he was VERY SURE would end in draws and indeed they did. This win was on ticket number 3203252501469999

His odds for all the 10 matches run from 3.05-3.30, generating a final unbelievable odd of 105,455.14, paying him UGX 105,455,140 that was paid to him to zero balance at Fortebet head office at Kololo-Kampala.

While picking his money, the winner whose identity is withheld noted about his amazing ticket, “I have always been trying betting on draws and I have been losing by a match or two. I always do some research before placing a bet, so I did even this time”

All his cash was handed to him by Fortebet brand ambassador, Alex Muhangi