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May 17, 2024

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Kajjansi United gains three more board room points


Kajjansi United has been awarded three points and three goals by the Buganda Regional League tournaments and Displinary Panel following Kampala University’s failure to honour their fixture.

The Masaka based club failed to turn up for Match No.111 at Uganda Clays grounds Kajjansi which was supposed to be played on the 22nd of Feb -2022.

Kampala University Masaka FC also failed to provide a formal submission to the Buganda RFA for failure to observe the fixture.

On top of that, Kampala University Masaka FC have been docked three points and three goals.

Kajjansi United now go to 31 points, seven above second placed Kiyinda Boys FC.

Kampala University Masaka FC drop to the bottom of the table as they remain with only four points from the 11 games of the first round.