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December 1, 2023

The Anchorman

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Swaleh Mwaye was the man in the dug out as Blacks Power lost 2-1 to Proline FC in Big League promotion play offs. He replaced John Ongodia for the post.

According to him, there was limited time for preparations to face a side which has experienced players and has been together for some good time.

“We had very little time for preparations due to the pandemic. I handled that team for only two weeks and  it was not easy to handle a side with experienced players of which some have been together for some good time.”

“On the other hand, luck was not on our side because at one point we had the chances to kill off the game.”

It will be Gadaffi FC and Proline FC to fight for the final slot left to join UPL.

Arua Hill SC and Tooro United already gained direct promotion after topping Elgon and Rwenzori groups respectively.