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May 18, 2024

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Proline FC owner Mujib Kasule declares intention to stand against Magogo

Sara Kobusingye 

FUFA president Moses Magogo has learned about another suitor to his seat this morning after Mujib Kasula declared his desire to challenge him.

In a press conference convened at McKinnon suits this morning, the former Cranes player highlighted the need to restore values and systems as his main object to stand.

” We need to have values and systems not individuals that’s why I will stand for the FUFA presidency in the coming elections” .

Mujib asserted.

“Football does not belong to people in Mengo or the players but to all Ugandans. It is like a hospital and that’s why there is no room for politics in the game”

He added.

It should be remembered that this will not be the first time Kasule declares intentions to stand against Magogo. 4 years ago, he picked nomination forms but he failed to return them at the 11th hour and Magogo was declared unopposed.

He currently serves a FIFA coaches instructor